Acera offers individual learning plans for every child, ability-based math classes, and hands-on projects in life sciences, architecture, and electronic arts. We also offer after school, Feb/Apr vacation, and summer camps to all kids ages 4-15.

Grades: K-9

Location: 5 Lowell Avenue, Winchester, MA 01890



Be creative and inquire without fear: At Acera, a nonprofit K-9 STEM school in Winchester, we love questions. Our students learn by tapping into their intrinsic motivation, with myriad questions and projects about the world.

One year, the question “what makes us human?” prompted nine- and ten-year old students to investigate how their bodies, minds, and societies work. They built working prosthetic limbs, explored human behavior by creating a collaborative behavior game with Boston University’s Social Learning Lab, and annotated the Constitution, a process that culminated with a field trip to the State House to share their points of view with legislators.

Every student has an individual learning plan, providing a runway that fits each child’s interests and potential, with no ceiling on what’s possible. Through early and robust exposure to STEM topics that link to real-world innovations, each Acera student engages in purpose-filled learning. Our innovative program includes ability-based math, hands-on units in our life sciences lab, and creative electives in computing, robotics, architecture, woodshop, game design, and electronic arts.

In our most recent survey, 96% of parents told us that their children are inspired by the learning at Acera. Find out why at our upcoming Open House!