Ages 5-15


Calendar We offer summer camp, full school day program K-8, after school enrichment, school vacation camps, and weekend programs.

5 Lowell Avenue, Winchester, MA 01890



Acera’s classes include FashionTech, BioElectronic Arts, Woodworking such as Make a Longbow or Skateboard, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Robotics, Architecture, Hamilton & Hip Ho, Leadership Development for Middle Schoolers, and more. With emphases on critical thought, creative problem solving, and integration of content areas, our programs inspire all types of learners and thinkers. Students discover engineering, math, arts, theater, design, electronics, music, chemistry, physics, teamwork, friendships — and who they are: as individuals, learners, and collaborators.


The Acera STEAM Learning Lab is an educational enrichment and community outreach program powered by Acera, the Massachusetts School of Science, Creativity, and Leadership.  At our well-equipped facility in Winchester, we offer a unique variety of creativity-based afternoon, vacation and summer programs for children ages 5-15.  We also offer weekend classes for both parents and children.

At Acera, we believe that deep exploration of STEAM subjects should begin early. Our hands-on learning environment allows elementary and middle school children to nurture their natural desire to inquire, create, and innovate; and experiment with content and concepts usually reserved for older students–or not introduced during K-12 school years at all.