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At Coding Butterfly we believe that technology will always change and advance, but fundamentals will remain. Our 4 Step program is designed to convert students from consumers to creators.

Ages: 6-14 years

Locations: 132 Charles St. Newton MA 02466



Coding Butterfly is an after-school coding and robotics educational program committed to providing students with personalized instruction and a hands-on learning experience.

We believe that the best learning experiences actively engage students and reinforce the desire to learn. As such, we strive to provide each student with a supportive environment and the enthusiastic encouragement that enables them to reach their full potential.

Coding Butterfly teachers utilize a variety of proven teaching practices in order to create student-centered classrooms that focus on building and expanding technological knowledge through teacher-led learning exercises, small group projects and independent skill building.

We keep our classes small so that teachers can personalize the learning experience and work closely with students as they explore new concepts and create projects that demonstrate a holistic understanding of what they’ve learned.

And while we work hard to provide students with challenging new ideas and information, we also recognize the importance of having fun while doing it! Our commitment to high standards means that our students are able to master the materials and information as they put their imaginations to work and bring their ideas to life.