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Edge on Science offers week-long, project based, day programs in applied science and engineering. A back-to-basics approach is taken. Children work independently and in teams, all while having fun and making new friends!

Grades: 3-12

Locations: We offer programs in Weston, MA and Plymouth, MA, with more locations to come in eastern Massachusetts and New Hampshire.

Website: edgeonscience.com


It’s simple. Edge on Science is a place where your child has the freedom to explore applied science and engineering. Individual and team projects make it a hands-on experience.

• learn to use tools, drawings, computer applications and scientific instruments
• practice presenting and communicating ideas
• child to instructor & assistant ratio of 7:1 or less
• lead instructors are engineers, scientists and/or scholars
• games and challenges add to the fun!

Whatever skills or abilities your budding scientist or engineer has, we meet them where they are and guide them to the next level. Along the way, they unplug and make new friends!

Choose from these individual, week-long sessions:

• drones and coding instructions to fly them
• biomimicry and microscopy
• engineering catapults
• the hydraulic makerspace
• marine ecology and sustainability
• bridge building
• the Super Science Sampler
• optics & astronomy
• rocketry
• the drone makerspace
• surgery