FIRST Tech Challenge Teams: 2 Bits and a Byte and The Parity Bits

Lexington High School's Robotics Teams

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Ages High school students


Calendar After-school program

Location  251 Waltham St, Lexington, MA 02421



The teams compete in an international robotics competition.


 LexRobotics is composed of two teams: 2 Bits and a Byte, a co-ed team; and The Parity Bits, an all-girls team. The teams are student-run and open to all students from Lexington High School to join, regardless of previous experience. The students design and build robots to solve challenges, such as stacking cubes or launching projectiles into hoops, in a robotics competition game. Students learn design concepts, building, programming, CAD and gain experience working in an interdisciplinary team.

During the school year, not only do they build robots, but they also give back to their community through outreach such as implementing a robotics curriculum, showcasing in fairs, teaching middle school after school clubs, and teaching various workshops. As LexRobotics receives no school funding, the students run their own fundraisers such as bake sales and showcase events.

Come meet 2 Bits and a Byte and The Parity Bits to see our robots and learn more our teams!