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Ages 7-17 years


Calendar Hatch offers Lunch time, After School, Co-curricular programs and PA day workshops, throughout the school year.

Location  Schools and locations in Boston and Massachusetts 


Hatch's proprietary learning platform enables students aged 7-17 to learn JavaScript coding in an inclusive, self - paced, mastery - based environment. With a digital library of over 600 projects, Hatch lets students be themselves and find the tools to express who they are and what sparks them.


 Hatch started in Canada in 2014 with the objective to help students learn and understand computer programming from an early age. With a combined background in teaching and computer science, the co-founders aspired to teach children the skills that will help to create solutions to their own problems. With this vision, Hatch founders created a proprietary learning platform that provides students with the opportunity to code through self-paced and mastery-based learning. The platform started with three students and today over 2000 students had the opportunity to code with Hatch.