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iCode of Wellesley is a STEAM afterschool and summer camp program that teaches life skills alongside a diverse set of technologies. Using these fun and engaging activities we help children build resilience, problem solving, and team work.

Ages: 5-18 years

Location: 73 Central Street Wellesley, MA 02482

Website: icodeschool.com/icode-wellesley


iCode is a comprehensive STEAM school with very extensive curriculum across all specialization of STEAM. Given below are the various program offerings at iCode. We offer classes on weekends too (Saturday and Sundays).
Competitions (Weekend warriors)
Challenge yourself against others all around the country or measure yourself against others individually. Robotics or Programming, whatever your focus is.
Immersive Classes (Expert)
These classes give children a deep look into a single area. This is for kids who are passionate about a topic and want to learn a deeper level (teens+).
Afterschool Belts (All Stars)
Unparalleled breadth and depth of curriculum with topics covering all aspects of Science, Tech, Arts, Math for parents focused on Education and in raising a versatile, “all star” kid.
Family Series (Bonding over tech)
Catering to adults who want to learn the latest tech concepts or families who want to learn together, these 8-hr intro courses work to bring people closer.
Camps (Day, Week) (Holiday Funsters)
Whether during early release or holidays, we have a wide variety of camps for kids to enjoy and learn from.
Challenge Hours (Self-paced, flexible, fun)
Most flexible schedule purchased in packs. Children can choose from a variety of topics. These challenges will test children in a fun way making them learn new concepts.