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KTBYTE is a coding academy that has academically rigorous classes designed for high-achieving young coders. We have live, online classes in the KTCoder, and in-person classes in Lexington and Newton.

Ages 8-18 years

Locations: We offer classes in Lexington and Newton during the school year.

Website ktbyte.com


Our focus as an academy is to deliver high-quality, advanced classes to young students. Typically, courses covering artificial intelligence, machine learning, national coding competitions and other advanced classes are only available for students in their last years of high school. With KTBYTE, you can get started earlier, giving students the chance to discover and develop their passion early. Our class content is created by our full-time instructors, and we also have a tight-knit community of student teaching assistants. KTBYTE students not only learn how to excel in CS academically, but also gain opportunities for leadership.