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Ages 8-18 years


Calendar We offer computer science classes in week-long and semester-long programs all year round. Our levels range from beginner to advanced, and our courses are available in-person and online.

Location  4 Militia Dr. Ste 15, Lexington MA 02421



KTBYTE teaches computer science in a progressive curriculum to students aged 8 – 18. Courses are offered in either in-person and web-conference formats, allowing students to work with live instructors wherever they may be. Entry level classes, such as the fundamentals ("FUN") curricula, use drag and drop programming frameworks such as MIT Scratch or KTBYTE's "Java Blocks". As students take higher level classes, they are required to type their code, learn advanced problem-solving skills, and eventually unlock college level content. Unlike a MOOC, these classes also provide personalized support via live homework help ("office hours"), progress tracking for parents, and personalized recommendations from the full-time instructors. Thus, whether students are taking a one-week day-camp on-site, or students are studying over the 5-month semester program online, KTBYTE staff aim to motivate and challenge every student to become creators, not merely consumers.


 Founded in 2012, KTBYTE was started by a team of Cornell computer science graduates who wanted to make high-quality computer science classes available to students worldwide. To ensure a seamless and comprehensive learning experience, KTBYTE’s staff develops all the curricula and technology offered through our program. Our mission is to stimulate young students’ interests in computer science and help advanced students achieve their goals before college. Currently, KTBYTE's main office is located in Lexington, MA.