Little Miss Science Logo.png

Ages Girls in 1st-6th grade


Calendar Little Miss Science offers weekly after school programs, as well as summer camps and birthday parties.

Location  Marblehead, MA


Little Miss Science focuses on providing fun science classes to young girls. Our projects incorporate a variety of scientific concepts, including engineering challenges, chemical reactions, states of matter, and magnetism. We have offered weekly after-school programs at our local community center and at the Boys and Girls Club of Greater Salem, as well as summer camps and birthday parties.


Little Miss Science is a program that was created by high school students in the hopes of minimizing gender gaps in STEM-related fields. Our mission is to inspire young girls to love science, and to set them on a path that might one day lead to a career in a scientific field. We teach several classes in the north of Boston area for young girls in which we perform fun science experiments and learn about the science underlying these experiments. By working to change the perception that science is uninteresting or overly difficult, we hope to inspire girls to pursue future careers in science and in doing so minimize the gender gap that currently exists in STEM-related fields.