Penguin Coding School provides a unique curriculum teaching coding language to students grades K-12. We offer in-person classroom experiences that emphasize the joys of creation as the motivation for learning.

Grades: K-12

Location: 15 Militia Drive, Lexington MA 02421



Penguin Coding School developed a unique curriculum that emphasizes creativity as the motivation for learning. Above all, every student learns that there is joy in creating something from nothing, and coding is a perfect medium for that.

Coding is collaboration. An in-person class with human teachers and other students is an important part of learning to code. We place primacy on face-to-face interaction with teachers, as opposed to online tutorials.

Penguin Coding School offers three semesters of instruction during the school year (fall, winter, spring) and a summer session. Students learn how to make something of their own, which is everything from websites of their favorite animals to games like Super Mario Brothers.

Programming Languages: MIT-developed Scratch for grades 1-3, HTML/Javascript (advanced students learn node.js) for grades 4-8 and Python and Java classes for grades 6-12.

With Penguin Coding School, kids are taught more than just how to write code. They
are taught a love for life-long learning through code.