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Ages 10-14 years

Website thebusinessofdoinggood

Calendar We offer summer boot-camps, mini-sessions for schools and community centers and workshops during the school year.

Locations  South Station and South End in Boston



The Business of Doing Good is a social entrepreneur day program for kids and teens. Our goal is to help your child find their passion and to instill the determination and skills to achieve their goals. Our program is highly individualized to meet your child's interest and skill set. We provide the exposure and tools, and every participant chooses their own topic to focus on.
We provide a dynamic and engaging curriculum that will leave kids inspired to change the world. We also teach kids how to create, present, and launch their unique social entrepreneurial endeavor. Our program is held at existing youth camps throughout the United States and around the world.

How will your child change the world?


 Kids, do you want to:

• Meet people who are changing the world and find out how they are doing it?
• Meet entrepreneurs from your neighborhood and from around the world?
• Develop the skills to become a social entrepreneur yourself?
If so, you will love our program because:
• You will learn about many creators, such as an African boy who found an ingenious way to ward off lions at night; a man who photographs animals on the verge of extinction; a girl who helped create foster care for pets, and more!
• You will meet real-life adventurers and explorers who made it their job to change the world -– and overcame obstacles to make their dreams into reality, including the youngest man who flew around the world.
• You will learn how to present, pitch, and market your ideas

By the end of the week program you will have your own entrepreneur network and your personal field guide to set you on your path to becoming a social entrepreneur.