TiE Young Entrepreneurs Program is dedicated to fostering the next generation of leaders by creating a new learning environment where high school aged participants can collaborate together, build resilience and explore different career opportunities through the incredible experience of building a real startup.

Ages 13- 18 years

Location: 101 Main Street, 14th Floor, Cambridge, MA, 02142

Website tye-boston.org


The TiE Young Entrepreneurs is an extra curricular program dedicated to fostering the next generation of leaders through the transformative experience of building a startup. While learning the skills to build and lead a company. The program also coaches young people to identify and leverage successful pathways to reach personal and professional goals.

Participants spend alternating Saturdays, September through April, learning directly from startup founders and industry experts in the heart of Kendall Square. Student teams compete for up to $5K in seed funding while participating in a rigorous curriculum that has been proven over the past 10+ years.

Impact of the TYE Program:
400+ participants have graduated from the program
100% report increase of skills to work effectively as a team
97% report increased ability to lead
100% report increased confidence
90% report that participating in TYE influenced their decision to pursue studies and career path in STEM
40% state that participating in TYE inspired them to start their own company